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Dr. Peter Attia’s carefully planned daily routine reflects his lifelong commitment to optimizing health and achieving longevity through a blend of science and mindful living. As an expert in nutrition, fitness, sleep, and overall wellness, Dr. Attia’s meticulously crafted regimen is aimed at fostering a longer, healthier life full of physical vitality, mental engagement, and emotional balance.

His routine seamlessly integrates proven protocols for exercise, diet, and supplementation with practices for self-awareness and sustainability. Each segment of Dr. Attia's day, from sunrise to sunset, moves him closer to his goal of delaying chronic disease and living life to its fullest. His daily habits harness the latest technologies for tracking biometrics alongside timeless wisdom for finding meaning.

By following Dr. Attia’s footsteps through a day optimized for longevity, we witness the embodiment of living well through both science and art. His routines teach us that a life dedicated to constant learning, improvement, and mindful living can help anyone unlock their highest potential for health and meaning. Dr. Attia's carefully engineered lifestyle provides inspiration and a roadmap to make each day count towards a future of fulfillment.

Peter Attia's Morning Routine

4:00 AM: Wake Up

Dr. Attia heralds the dawn with an early rise at 4 AM, cherishing the tranquil hours till 7 AM as his golden period of productivity.

"It is not uncommon for me to wake up at 4 a.m. and go to bed at 8 p.m." - Dr. Peter Attia
  • Dr. Attia wakes up early, often at 4:00 AM.
  • He replenishes with sugar-free, caffeine-free Biosteel sports hydration mix.

4:15 AM: Meditate

"I like to get up early, and the first thing I want to do is sort of meditate so I use one of two apps very commonly 10% Happier and Waking Up."
  • Dr. Attia meditates using apps like Waking Up and 10% Happier.
"If I meditate for 20 minutes in a day, I’m meditating for the other 23 hours and 40 minutes."

5:00 AM: Peter Attia's Morning Supplements

Dr. Attia begins his day with a comprehensive supplement regimen designed to provide the essential nutrients for longevity. His daily morning supplement stack includes:

  • 1 scoop Athletic Greens (AG1)
  • 2 SlowMag tablets
  • Curcumin Extract 90-180 mg
  • 2 grams Fish Oil
  • Vitamin D for 40-60 ng/ml blood level
  • 1 gram total Magnesium
  • 1 Baby Aspirin
  • Methyl B12 and Folate
  • 1 Protein Powder (Hydrolyzed) shake
  • Dr. Attia on AG1 Athletic Green

    "Longevity is predicated on five pillars, of which nutrition is an important one. The challenge is that it can be very difficult for people to get adequate and appropriate nutrition day in and day out. Therefore, having a foundational program like AG1 makes it easier to go on autopilot and get the important, essential nutrients that we want and need access to," said Dr. Attia. "I take a scoop of AG1 every day, regardless of what else I'm eating. I just know if I'm taking AG1, I'm getting exactly, if not probably a little bit more, than what I need.”

    5:30 AM: Drink Coffee

    Dr. Attia enjoys starting his mornings by hand-crafting a quality French press coffee. His go-to recipe includes:

    "Making a really good French press is something I like to do."

    6:00 AM: Eat Breakfast

    To start off his day, Dr. Attia fuels up with a high protein breakfast:

    • 8 eggs (4 whole, 4 whites) with toast and butter
    • Or Magic Spoon cereal, which is also Keto friendly

    Dr. Attia's Thoughts on Magic Spoon Cereal

    “Did some heavy-duty cereal testing today. I’m looking at a new company’s cereal product “Magic Spoon”. I wanted to push the limits of consumption to assess glycemic response and overall gut impact."
    "Magic Spoon has very little glycemic impact on me, even after 6 or 7 bowls."

    7:00 AM: Drink Protein Shake

    After breakfast, Dr. Attia downs a protein shake to help meet his daily protein target:

    "One gram per pound of body weight per day (2.2 g/kg/day) is a good place to start."

    Dr. Attia's Morning Workout Routine

    7:30 AM: Foam Roll and Mobilize

    Dr. Attia prepares his body for exercise by beginning his workout routine with foam rolling and mobilization movements.

    8:00 AM: 60-90 Minute Workout

    His main workout consists of a 60-90 minute session targeting functional strength training and high intensity cardio.

    More Details on Dr. Attia's Workout Routine

    Dr. Attia structures his training program around four major goals:

    Stability Training

    • Performs stability exercises daily to improve balance and joint stability.

    Strength Training

    • Does 3 strength training sessions per week focusing on major compound lifts.

    Aerobic Training

    • Aims for 3 hours of cardio training per week split into 3-4 sessions to build aerobic endurance.

    Anaerobic Training

    • Includes 2 anaerobic sessions weekly for high-intensity interval training.

    Sample Weekly Workout Schedule


    • Stability Exercises (10 mins)
    • Lower Body Strength Training (1 hr)


    • Stability Exercises (10 mins)
    • Zone 2 Cardio (1 hr)


    • Stability Exercises (10 mins)
    • Upper Body Strength Training (1 hr)


    • Stability Exercises (10 mins)
    • Zone 2 Cardio (1 hr)


    • Stability Exercises (10 mins)
    • Lower Body Strength Training (1 hr)


    • Stability Exercises (10 mins)
    • Zone 2 Cardio (1 hr)
    • Zone 5 HIIT Cardio (30 mins)


    • Stability Exercises (10 mins)
    • Zone 2 Cardio (1 hr)
    • Upper Body Strength Training (30 mins)

    Key Training Notes

    • Uses a hex bar for deadlifts to reduce injury risk.
    • Favorite squat/deadlift rep schemes:
    • Warmup - 7-10 ascending sets
    • Main sets - 5x5, 4x10, 3x20
    • Test sets - Ascending heavy singles followed by backoff sets
    • Stairmaster is his go-to for Zone 2 and Zone 5 cardio.
    "My favorite piece of equipment, that's not a bicycle."
    • Uses Wahoo Kickr indoor bike trainer for structured cycling workouts.

    Peter Attia's Afternoon Routines

    Dr. Attia spends much of his afternoon working, often at a standing desk to reduce sitting time. Movement is vital to avoid the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

    Dr. Attia's Typical Lunch

    Dr. Attia's standard lunch is a chicken salad mixed with vegetables and dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

    Other Lunch Options

    • 7 hardboiled eggs with avocado and 2 oz cheese
    • A large homemade "super shake" dubbed the "Peter Kaufman" containing:
    • Heavy cream
    • Sugar-free almond milk
    • Chocolate super starch
    • 2 tbsp almond butter
    • 20 g whey protein
    • Frozen strawberries

    Intermittent Fasting

    Dr. Attia recommends intermittent fasting, specifically the 16/8 protocol, for longevity. This involves condensing daily food intake into an 8-hour window and fasting for the other 16 hours.

    Peter Attia's Evening Routine

    8:00 PM: Take Evening Supplements

    In the evening, Dr. Attia takes targeted sleep supplements:

    "I keep a few sleep aids by my bed to use when needed. I occasionally take phosphatidylserine, to lower adrenal output."

    8:30 PM: Read Books

    Before bed, Dr. Attia enjoys reading books in two main categories:

    • Historical nonfiction like Red Notice
    • Self-improvement like The Four Agreements
    "I'm always working on how to efficiently share knowledge. These books help sharpen the saw."

    10:00 PM: Optimize Sleep Environment

    To optimize his sleep, Dr. Attia uses various devices and strategies:

    "Quality of sleep may be just as important as quantity, and the Ōura Ring claims it can tell you how much deep sleep, REM sleep, and light sleep you’re getting."
    Oura Ring


    What is Dr. Attia's approach to stability training?

    Dr. Attia prioritizes daily stability training to engrain patterns of perfect movement and enhance joint integrity for longer healthier life. He focuses on precise dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS) exercises to relearn proper movement. This stability work helps counteract poor patterns and reduce injury risk during intense exercise routines for optimal longevity.

    How does Dr. Attia incorporate rucking into his workout routine?

    Dr. Attia adds 3-4 hours of rucking walking each week, often in the evenings, to build functional fitness. He wears a 50-60 lb weighted vest and goes for long walks to improve strength endurance. Rucking helps strengthen the body for real-world movement and prepares it for the demands of staying healthy over a longer lifespan.

    What is Dr. Attia's approach to strength training?

    Dr. Attia focuses on full-body strength training 3 days per week, with an emphasis on major compound lifts performed for both strength and muscle endurance. He uses a hex bar for deadlifts to reduce injury risk. His favorite squat/deadlift setups are ascending warmups followed by heavy sets of 5, 10, and 20 reps. Strength training allows him to maintain muscle and achieve a body composition optimized for healthspan.

    How does Dr. Attia structure his high intensity cardio training?

    Dr. Attia incorporates two weekly anaerobic sessions focused on Zone 5 high intensity interval training lasting 30 minutes each. His favorite piece of equipment for intense cardio is the stairmaster. Short bouts of maximum exertion followed by recovery help to drive fitness and metabolic health. He also uses lactate threshold testing to gauge his aerobic fitness level by age and adjust intensity.

    What longevity advice has Dr. Attia shared?

    Dr. Attia's top longevity advice includes prioritizing sleep, managing alcohol consumption, optimizing nutrition, reducing inflammation, training smart, and monitoring biomarkers. He stresses that the "science and art" of lifestyle practices, informed by data, can extend our healthspan. His approach aims to help people outlive the expected longevity based solely on genetics.

    How does Dr. Attia recommend fueling the body?

    Dr. Attia is a proponent of using nutrition to support health and functionality. He advises sufficient protein intake around 1 gram per pound of body weight daily, spread across 4 meals to maximize muscle synthesis. A blend of whole and saturated fats provides energy while minimizing spikes in glucose and inflammation. He tracks macros precisely and emphasizes nutrient density in the diet to nourish the body toward longer life.

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